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Investing in the Future

The Nucleus purpose fund

As catalysts for impactful projects, we provide investors with a rewarding return while promoting societal benefits.

With our capital, expertise, network and structure, we empower purpose-driven individuals to achieve their goals.

Our Projects

Business projects

We invest in business project that have the potential to reach new heigths. As part of our investment strategy, we acquire stakes in companies or revenue streams from them.

Philanthropic Projects

We invest in nonprofits projects and ambitions that have the potential to create new value. We occasionally retain intellectual property rights and share the subsequent IP profits with our allies.

Investing with Us

Invest in purpose and in a cause you can believe in. Be the change you want to see. When you invest with us, you’re not just advocating for a better future, but also aligning with a financial growth strategy. Your investment increases impact, propelling forward projects that matter and offering the possibility of financial gain.

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Funding Opportunities 

We offer more than just funding to companies and projects aligned with causes. In addition to financial support, we provide a robust network and a wealth of expertise to empower you to achieve success. Beyond financing, we are dedicated to cultivating a conducive ecosystem so that your vision can thrive and have a positive impact on society.

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Joining Us

No matter if you’re an investor or an organization with a vision that can reshape the world, we invite you to join us. The Nucleus Fund is more than an investment fund; it’s an effort to build a better future through shared goals and collaboration.

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Generating results

Our investments

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